Wormrot "Hiss" Black Vinyl

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Release Date: July 8, 2022

Wormrot return with their most stunning work to date! Following on from 2016's critically acclaimed album 'Voices', Wormrot's 4th studio album 'Hiss' is released 24th June 2022 on Earache Records. The Singaporean trio features the same line up as 2016's Voices with Arif (Vocals) Rasyid (Guitar) and Vijesh (Drums) and is without doubt their most ambitious and creative work to date. Having already made their mark as one of Grindcore's biggest names, Wormrot are intent on bringing Grindcore back to the masses with a sonically stunning record of wildly unhinged and downright feral noise.

01 The Darkest Burden
02 Broken Maze
03 Behind Closed Doors
04 When Talking Fails, It's Time For Violence
05Your Dystopian Hell
06 Unrecognizable
07 Hatred Transcending
08 Doomsayer
09 Pale Moonlight
10 Seizures
11 Voiceless Choir
12 Grieve
13 Sea Of Disease
14 Noxious Cloud
15 Shattered Faith
16 Desolate Landscapes
17 Spiral Eyes
18 Vicious Circle
19 Weeping Willow
20 All Will Wither
21 Glass Shards