Wormrot "Abuse" Digipak CD

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Arguably 2009's greatest Grindcore release, Wormrot's 'Abuse' finally escapes the confines of the South East Asian underground and is given it's chance to shine on the world stage with it's release on Earache Records!

Guaranteed to make you think it is the late 1980's all over again, this is 23 face smashing tracks of insane, ultra fast, old school grindcore in the traditional vein of the once great masters Terrorizer, Napalm Death and Brutal Truth. You know you will be finding a space for 'Abuse' On your CD's shelves alongside Insect Warfare, Narcosis, Discordance Axis, Nasum oh and the previously mentioned greats!

Track Listing:

01. Lost Swines

02. Exterminate

03. Double-Feeding

04. Born Stupid

05. Sledgehammer

06. So Fierce for Fuck!?

07. Dis-Appointing

08. Good Times

09. Freedom to Act

10. Indonesia

11. Shitlack

12. Condemnation

13. One Round Away

14. Fuck...I'm Drunk

15. Operation Grindcore

16. Rich (Yeah Yeah Yeah's cover)

17. Overgrown Asshole

18. Blasphemy My Ass

19. Fix Your Broken Mind

20. Newkiller Nuclear

21. Uncovered and Proud As Fuck

22. Murder

23. Scum Infestation and Last Song