Woods Of Ypres "Woods III: The Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues" CD

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Since the untimely passing of David Gold in 2011, many fans have repeatedly searched for his earlier pre-Earache work with Woods Of Ypres, sadly without much success. Now after much demand from fans, we’re delighted to finally be able to offer “Woods III: The Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues” on a physical format again.

Originally released back in 2008 on the band’s own Krankenhaus Records and long since deleted, “Woods III..” has the band at their most aggressive, with the harsh black metal sound reflecting the predominant personal lyrical approach. The doomier style that the band subsequently adopted is also hinted at here, particularly on the haunting “Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground”.

This album will be released on March 24th 2014, on both CD and a limited edition gatefold double vinyl. The colour vinyl releases are exclusive to the Earache Webstore, and the “Darkest Blues” vinyl is limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER!

Additionally, we’re also pleased to be adding a “Woods III..” T-shirt as well as a “Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light” zip hoodie to our range, with a discount when pre-ordering together with the album.

Track listing:

01 The Northern Cold

02 Iron Grudge

03 Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground

04 Through Chaos and Solitude I Came…

05 Years of Silence (And the Private Joke)

06 Distractions of Living Alone

07 Deepest Roots: Belief That All Is Lost

08 Darkest Blues: Relief That Nothing Can Be Done

09 Thrill of the Struggle

10 December in Windsor

11 Trillium: The Third of Three Winters 2004-2007 (Instrumental)

12 Song of Redemption

13 End of Tradition

14 To Lock Eyes With a Wild Beast

15 Mistakes Artists Make (The Dream is Dead)