Woods Of Ypres "Woods 4: The Green Album" CD

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More like a journey than an album, this is almost 80 minutes of the most depressing, doom-laden black metal you will ever hear!

With vocals sounding not unlike the late Peter Steele from Type O Negative, this melacholic offering is just the thing for those of you who prefer your music to be a sorrowful, mournful experience. Long orchestral intros, irony-tinged lyrics, a few crushing riffs and even the occasional guitar solo, comparisons to the likes of Katatonia and Opeth aren't far off the mark, but Woods Of Ypres have an undeniably distinct sound that isn't easily forgotten.


01. Shards of Love

02. Everything I Touch Turns to Gold (then to coal)

03. By the Time You Read This (I will already be dead)

04. I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetary

05. Dirty Window of Opportunity "Can You Get Here in 10 Days?"

06. And I Am Pining (for you)

07. Wet Leather

08. Suicide Cargoload (drag that weight)

09. Halves And Quarters

10. You Are Here with Me (in this sequence of dreams)

11. Retrosleep in the Morning Calm

12. Don’t Open the Wounds / Skywide Armspread

13. Natural Technologies

14. Mirror Reflection & The Hammer Reinvention

15. To Long-Life, in the "Limbo Union"

16. Move On! (the woman will always leave the man)