White Wizzard "High Speed GTO" CD

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Hi energy NWOBHM & classic rock influenced debut from California’s White Wizzard that manages to brilliantly mix the hard, edgy approach of NWOBHM legends such as Diamond Head with the sunshine breeziness of Van Halen!

Many of you will already know the band from the track 'High Speed GTO' that has been a You Tube hit and was featured on Earache’s genre-defining compilation ‘Heavy Metal Killers’, gaining rave reviews.

Touring in Europe later this year, steal the march on the masses and get hold of this excellent debut now!

Tracklisting CD:

01 High Speed GTO

02 Celestina

03 Into the Night

04 March of the Skeletons

05 Megalodon

06 Octane Gypsy

07 Red Desert Skies

Bonus video track:

High Speed GTO