White Wizzard "Flying Tigers" CD

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Flying Tigers is the new album from Los Angeles' traditional heavy titans White Wizzard, eagerly awaited since the well-received Over The Top album from January 2010.

Building on the base of traditional heavy metal displayed on Over The Top and High Speed GTO, Flying Tigers also showcases a more expansive sound in lead track 'Starchild'. The closing six-track science fiction-inspired concept arc demonstrates a proggy layer, which fans of Rush and Dream Theater are also sure to love. This concept arc also shows how White Wizzard have excelled themselves with their instrumental and vocal performances on Flying Tigers, with vocalist Wyatt Anderson and bassist and songwriter Jon Leon the highlights once more.

Flying Tigers also continues the association with producer Ralph Patlan, who has worked with metal legends such as Megadeth, UFO and Michael Schencker.

Flying Tigers is available on CD, and on limited edition 12" coloured vinyl. The colours and numbers are:


200 - yellow

300 - white/clear mix

400 - black

If you enjoyed Over The Top, make sure you check out Flying Tigers!

Track listing:

01. Fight to the Death

02. West L.A Nights

03. Starchild

04. Flying Tigers

05. Night Train to Tokyo

06. Night Stalker

07. Fall of Atlantis

08. Blood on the Pyramids

09. Demons and Diamonds

10. Dark Alien Overture

11. War of the Worlds

12. Starman’s Son

For fans of: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rush