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Release Date: August 16, 2024

The story of the legendary Summer Breeze Open Air cannot be told without Voodoo Kiss. In 1995, a certain Achim Ostertag founded the band Voodoo Kiss with his buddies, but due to a lack of performance opportunities, he simply launched his own festival. The name of the festival: Summer Breeze. And while the open-air highlight has long been one of the best and biggest metal festivals in the world, Voodoo Kiss soon disappears again. But fortunately not forever: Ostertag got the band back together in 2022. He recruited Steffi Stuber (Mission In Back, Voice of Germany contestant) and Sacred Steel rocker Gerrit Mutz as new members, released a powerful debut album that marked the band's comeback and put on a furious home show at Summer Breeze.

But now it's official: this was no flash in the pan! Voodoo Kiss are back to stay. And their furious second album "Feel The Curse" is even more fun than their debut. With verve, vigor, punky grit and their typical sense of melodic heaviness, Voodoo Kiss blast, fabulate and groove their way through eight powerful examples of how this music of the eighties can be made exciting, original and rousing in the 21st century. Of course, the list of ingredients on "Feel The Curse" also reads like something straight out of the textbook of electric guitar music: the opening title track is a galloping banger with razor-sharp riffs and Pretty Maids flair, "Spellbound By Her Eyes" offers black romanticism and early Maiden vibes, "Dr. Evil" is the semi-acoustic intermezzo with Spanish guitars and eruptive thrash outbursts, "Lords Of Darkness" is a gripping semi-ballad with just the right amount of pathos and the closing "Dead Without A Grave" fires from all cylinders like Motörhead in their prime. Everything in, everything on.

Side A 1. The Beauty and the Beast / 2. The Killer / 3. Nice Guys / 4. The Prisoner

Side B 1. Bat An Eye / 2. The Eagle in the Sky / 3. No Time / 4. Thousand Steps of Goodbye