Vektor "Terminal Redux" Gatefold 2x12" Yellow Vinyl

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After nearly 5 long years, Philadelphia-based progressive sci-fi metallers Vektor are back with their third studio album entitled, "Terminal Redux". Both embracing and expanding upon the intricate layers of the preceding albums, "Black Future" and "Outer Isolation", the band deliver the album that we all knew they were capable of. "Terminal Redux" is their first concept album, telling the story of a test subject and his rise to power within the all-controlling Cygnus Regime. His ultimate goal is to restore balance within the galaxy by controlling the ebb and flow of life and death. After regaining his position as a top-ranking General, he incites a coup within Cygnus and takes command of their forces. However, as time passes, it becomes clear to him that power is just an illusion.

Their first ever European tour at the end of 2015 allowed Vektor to premier several tracks from the album, and they continue to showcase the new material on their current North American tour with Voivod. For those of you unable to make any dates on the tour, "Ultimate Artificer" is available to stream on this very page. Vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto explains in his own words:

"We wanted to come out of the gates full force and showcase a song that represented the album accurately. 'Terminal Redux' covers a lot of ground, so it wasn't an easy decision. In my opinion, this song is right in the middle of the pendulum swing between the ultra-heavy thrash and the more proggy/experimental elements of the album. It's only the tip of the iceberg! Since this is a concept album, each song is a different chapter in the story. As the fifth track, 'Ultimate Artificer' introduces a pivotal point within the story without giving away the beginning or the end."

Never one to take a metal-by-numbers approach to song-writing, Vektor have embraced some unusual audio elements, including the vocal assistance of a group of Philadelphia soul singers, adding further texture to the sound without compromising on the riff-heavy fury. Recorded in part at the band's home studio, along with Panther Pro-Audio in Philadelphia, "Terminal Redux" is a fine demonstration of technical precision, a 73+ minute masterclass in complexity, and affirmation that there is still plenty of innovation and intelligence in modern day metal.

The colour vinyl is EXCLUSIVE to the Earache Webstore, with the Pteropticon Purple vinyl containing a bonus 'Mission' woven patch, unavailable separately or with any other colour. 100 copies of the purple vinyl also contain a hand-signed photocard (SOLD OUT), with 400 remaining copies coming with the bonus patch.

Track listing:

Side A

1. Charging the Void

2. Cygnus Terminal

Side B

3. LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)

4. Mountains Above The Sun

5. Ultimate Artificer

Side C

6. Pteropticon

7. Psychotropia

8. Pillars of Sand

Side D

9. Collapse

10. Recharging the Void