Vektor "Outer Isolation" Black Vinyl

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Ahead of Vektor's forthcoming European tour, and the highly anticipated 3rd studio album out on Earache Records in early 2016, we're delighted to offer their first two studio albums, "Black Future" and "Outer Isolation", on vinyl once again, following both of our pressings selling out completely the first time around.

One of the hidden gems of the world thrash scene is not arguably, but certainly Vektor's 'Outer Isolation'! One of the most original bands of the contemporary scene Vektor infuse dystopian Sci-fi concepts, amid complex compositions, that are at times progressive and others viscous rounded off by the killer blackened thrash vocals of David DiSanto, oh and dare I say it a Thrash scream that will have metal greats doffing their caps as they realise their days are done!

Track Listing:

01. Cosmic Cortex

02. Echoless Chamber

03. Dying World

04. Tetrastructural Minds

05. Venus Project

06. Dark Creations, Dead Creators

07. Fast Paced Society

08. Outer Isolation