Tiamat "Commandments - An Anthology" Cassette Tape

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Release Date: November 11, 2022

Great Anthology from extreme Gothic Metal band from Sweden - Now available as a Music Cassette!

Second compilation album from legendary Swedish Gothic Doom Metal band. "Commandments" is heavily recommended to those who have never heard of Tiamat before - or who don't know Tiamat so well, but also to every Tiamat fan who would love to have a great container of some of their best songs taken from all of their discography.

For fans of Moonspell, Paradise Lost and Katatonia


1. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell

2. On Golden Wings

3. Ancient Entity

4. The Sleeping Beauty

5. A Caress Of Stars

6. Whatever That Hurts

7. Gaia


8. Cold Seed

9. Phantasma De Luxe

10. Brighter Than The Sun

11. AS Long As You Are Mine

12. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing

13. Vote For Love

14. Cain

15. Wings Of Heaven

16. Divided (Edit)