The White Buffalo "Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways" Digipak CD

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Release Date: February 17th, 2017

The White Buffalo is the brainchild of Americana Blues artist Jake Smith. Originally released in the USA 2013, Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways is a 13-track concept album of hard-driving blues and outlaw country tales. The story of Joe and Jolene, a pair of young outsiders thrust together by chance, forging a deep, emotionally charged relationship that would at once haunt and sustain them throughout their lives. It is ultimately a story of hope and the power of love. Made widely available in Europe for the first time.

Track Listing:

1. Shall We Go On

2. The Getaway

3. When I'm Gone

4. Joey White

5. 30 Days Back

6. The Whistler

7. Set My Body Free

8. Redemption #2

9. This Year

10. Fire Don't Know

11. Joe and Jolene

12. Don't You Want It

13. #13

14. Pray To You Now