The White Buffalo "Hogtied Revisited" Digipak CD

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Release Date: March 24th, 2017

The White Buffalo is the brainchild of Americana Blues artist Jake Smith. Originally released in the USA 2008, Hogtied Revisited is a re-recorded version of The White Buffalo’s debut LP called ‘Hogtied Like A Rodeo’ which was originally recorded in a friend’s living room. 12 tracks of hard- driving blues and outlaw country tales from one of the leading artists in the genre. Made widely available in Europe for the first time. Smith described this album as ‘relationships, love, loss and booze with a little murder mixed in.”

Track Listing:

1. The Woods

2. Carnage

3. Damned

4. Today's Tomorrow

5. Bar and the Beer

6. Sweet Hereafter

7. Story

8. I Believe

9. The Madmen

10. Wrong

11. Hogtied Like A Rodeo

12. Hideous Heart