The White Buffalo "Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights" SIGNED Black Vinyl

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Release Date: October 13th, 2017

EXCLUSIVE limited edition of The White Buffalo's brand new album, "Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights". Coming on a traditional black vinyl, this edition also includes a 12x12" photo card of Jake Smith aka The White Buffalo, hand-signed by the man himself. Also included are two fantastic back patches, featuring both the band and album logos.

On new album 'Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights', The White Buffalo takes the trademark blue collar sound and offers up an album that twists and turns through mini-dramas, rock n’roll redemption and never ending soul-searching. The tradition of sombre storytelling that made The White Buffalo such a hit with fans of previous albums is alive and well here;

‘Robbery’ employs coarse language with a ‘cops and robbers’ narrative ending with the fugitive running from “flashlights, hounds and gas”, while ‘Border Town/Bury Me in Baja’ has an dead-end town setting, where there’s no way out from any number of dark demons. Every time The White Buffalo sings such a song, cinematic scenes come to mind dripping with atmosphere and character. The man himself explains:

“Vocally, I went all the way with each composition or narrative. The songs guide me where to go and I follow aimlessly. Diving deeper into each character, each emotion.”

As always with The White Buffalo, there’s an upside. ‘The Heart and Soul of the Night’ contains enough swagger and promise with its celebration of a time free from worry or responsibility - “windows down, the seat way back, and the radio up”. And when it comes to the introspective and the solitary, its hard to doubt the sincerity of plaintive moments like ‘The Observatory’ and ‘I Am the Moon’.

“Musically, I expanded and explored places I never had before. Tackling new styles and genres previously undiscovered to me. I've always taken great pleasure in being difficult to categorize. To be outside any particular genre, scene, or box. On this album there is no box. Each song is what it is with no boundaries.

With The White Buffalo you get honesty, intensity and integrity but with a warmth and spirit that’s hard to ignore. Its classic American songwriting in the grand tradition, free of pretence, free of fakery.My hope is that this album will touch people. Make people feel. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The darkest darks, lightest lights."

Track Listing:

1. Hide And Seek

2. Avalohn

3. Robbery

4. The Observatory

5. Madam's Soft, Madam's Sweet

6. Nightstalker Blues

7. If I Lost My Eyes

8. Border Town / Bury Me In Baja

9. The Heart And Soul Of The Night

​10. I Am The Moon