The Meads Of Asphodel "The Early Years" Cassette Tape

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Release Date: September 16, 2022

Originally forged in iron back in 1998, The Meads of Asphodel are still one of the most progressive and experimental bands to ever emerge from the UK's underground black metal scene. "The Early Years" compilation which was released by Godreah records in 2009 on CD, now see's new life for the first time ever in the shape of this limited-edition cassette. Featuring 14 tracks from the band's formative years, "The Early Years" is a relic from the dark past and an age that will never be again...

Official release, sanctioned by the masters.

1. Angel Whore (1998)

2. Book Of Dreams (1998)

3. The Gleaming Red Serpent (1999)

4. Just Another Time To Kill (1999)

5. Pale Dread Hunger (1999)

6. Rise In Godless Hell (1999)4:05

7. Give Me Fire (GBH cover) (1999)

8. Neuroderliri (Bulldozer cover) (2000)

9. Bound Alive (2000)

10. Bleed For Me (2000)

11. Calling All Monsters (2000)

12. Paradise (2001)

13. Another God In Another Place (2001)

14. Ogs Last Stand (2002)