The Glorious Sons "Young Beauties And Fools" CD

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Juno nominated alternative rockers The Glorious Sons have signed to Earache Records! Drawing inspiration from a variety of folk, indie and classic rock acts, The Glorious Sons were founded as a five-piece in Kingston, Ontario back in 2011. Having already achieved considerable success in their homeland with 7 top 10 singles and almost 6 million streams, the band are now ready to take on the world with their brand new studio album, "Young Beauties And Fools", out on February 23, 2018.

Driven by the lyrical brilliance of 24-year old Brett Emmons (vocals), and accompanied by his brother Jay (guitar), THE GLORIOUS SONS weave intimate tales of indulgence, heartbreak, and the struggle of finding yourself while growing up in small-town Canada.

'Young Beauties and Fools' is about the adventures (and frequent misadventures) of main songwriter Brett in the truest form. It's also an album where THE GLORIOUS SONS - rounded out by Chris Koster (guitar), Adam Paquette(drums) and Chris Huot (bass) - capture all the listlessness and confusion of young adulthood over the course of 10 stunning tracks.

“It’s basically the story of a 24 year old kid", says Brett. "They’re simple songs about alcoholism and the mostly autobiographical story of my life. The whole thing is derived from the thoughts, actions and feelings of a kid who doesn’t really know himself and the consequences of those actions.”

The result is a deeply personal album, with a genuine, unpretentious view of the instability and naivety of youth. Whether it's the rock 'n' roll bender "My Poor Heart", the not-so-classic boy-meets-girl story of "Josie", or the deeply embarrassing punch-up at a wedding tale "Everything Is Alright", Brett's songwriting deftly explores the imperfect humanity of both himself and the many characters he introduces over the course of the album. “I wanted to create a cohesive piece of work that you could listen to from start to finish. From there you could get an idea of my life, the people in it, and the city I came from. I want you to be able to taste, and feel and touch things..”