The Dust Coda "Loco Paradise" Digital Download (MP3 and WAV)

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Release Date: July 7th 2023

London trailblazers The Dust Coda have cooked up a brand new album that underlines their beloved signature sound. 'Loco Paradise' brings to the fore timeless songwriting and offers a kaleidoscope of rock across hard-hitting shockwaves of punk voltage, blues-drenched power anthems and atmospheric acoustic sunbursts.

Guitarist Adam Mackie sums up the album: “It’s full of emotion, chaos, joy, mistakes, beauty, love, death and everything in between. It's a complete piece of rock'n'roll ecstasy.”


1. Road To Hell

2. Fairweather Love

3. Love Sick

4. Call Out The Dogs

5. Come The Night

6. The Streets

7. Rock 'n' Roll Paradise

8. Free All The Dancers

9. Since You've Been Gone

10. On Fire

11. It Won't Be Long