The Chasm "The Spell Of Retribution" Digipak CD

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Prepare for 10 tracks of totally amazing, conceptual Metal of Death. The Chasm, hailing from Mexico city stay true to the legends and philosophies of their ancestry and and in turn will surely become legends in their own right. This is an album with a running time of 66+ minutes packed to capacity with devastating, highly technical musical genius. These have to be some of the most intricate songs and arrangements ever committed to CD and will no doubt leave you speechless. This is Metal delivered in the true sense, based on the legacy of such masters as Destruction, Celtic Frost and Slayer. The Chasm play adventurous, dark, technical Death Metal.Track Listing:

01. From the Curse, a Scourge...

02. The Omnipotent Codex

03. Conqueror & Warlord

04. Manifest My Intervention

05. Fortress

06. Retribution of the Lost Years (I, The Pastfinder III)

07. Conjuring the New Apocalypse

08. The Eclipse: Monument to the Empire

I) Sentence and Burden

II) The Voyage

III) The Restitution

09. Remains of the Covenant

10. Eternal Cycle of Delusion