Terrorizer "World Downfall" FDR Vinyl

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Talk about important Earache bands - this is a mandatory purchase! Featuring Jesse Pintado on guitar (Napalm Death), Pete Sandoval on drums (Morbid Angel) and Oscar Garcia (original vocalist) ably assisted by David Vincent on bass (Morbid Angel) - this is a non stop lesson in whirlwind grindcore. Get it.

Track Listing

1. After World Obliteration

2. Storm Of Stress

3. Fear Of Napalm

4. Human Prey

5. Corporation Pull-In

6. Strategic Warheads

7. Condemned System

8. Resurrection

9. Enslaved By Propaganda

10. Need To Live

11. Ripped To Shreds

12. Injustice

13. Whirlwind Struggle

14. Infestation

15. Dead Shall Rise

16. World Downfall