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Release Date: July 19. 2024

Some bands play heavy metal. Some bands ARE heavy metal! Enter Slovenian powerhouse SkyEye, the best example of category two one could wish for. With their third record “New Horizons” just around the corner, the sworn brotherhood is officially and successfully applying for the role of heavy metal’s latest and most courageous defenders of the faith, a force of steel that was simmering ever since it started out back in 2014.

“New Horizons” sets a huge exclamation mark behind an iron will of spreading the gospel of true heavy metal: SkyEye combine the grandeur of Iron Maiden with the punch of Judas Priest and the youthful vigour present on the first Hammerfall – indeed their latest album very much feels like the Swedes’ 1997 breakthrough album “Glory to the Brave” in terms of zeal and ambition.

No doubt: A new power has risen in the east, a heavy metal thunderstorm screaming with vengeance and hell-bent on taking the throne of traditional steel. “New Horizons” is their crown jewel in an already impressive collection, following the prestigious “Newcomer of the year” award by iconic Metal Hammer magazine back in 2021.

SkyEye may have been around for a decade already. And yet “New Horizons” feels like a genuine beginning, like a first milestone of many more to come. Be there to witness the start of something truly spectacular. You will regret it later if you don’t. And that’s a promise.