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Release Date: June 7, 2024

Dutch death metal titans SEVERE TORTURE return with a vengeance, bearing the blood-spattered banner of the genre. Unbowed and unbroken, the quintet embodies the truest strains of death metal virility.

Crafted within the ominous walls of Torture Compound Studios, ‘Torn From the Jaws of Death’ is a visceral testimony to SEVERE TORTURE 's raw power and unrelenting savagery. Mixed and mastered with malignant precision by Mendel Bij de Leij of MbdL Productions, each of the ten tracks bleeds supremacy—from the guttural roar of “The Death of Everything” to the fiendish chaos of “Tear all the Flesh off the Earth”. Pär Olofsson's macabre cover artwork ensnares the eye, while SEVERE TORTURE’s relentless ferocity grips the soul. This album doesn't just confront the abyss, it strides forth, scythe in hand, ready to harvest the fears of the masses. Lyrics that delve into the psychosis of murder, the depravity of torture, and the unyielding critique of organized religion ensure that this release is not for the faint-hearted.
Dive headfirst into the abyss with SEVERE TORTURE’s latest blood-curdling odyssey. ‘Torn From the Jaws of Death’ is not just heard, it's an affliction that courses through your veins.

Artwork by PÄR OLOFSSON.

The Death Of Everything / Marked By Blood And Darkness / Hogtied In Rope / Torn From The Jaws Of Death / Christ Immersion / Putrid Remains / The Pinnacle Of Suffering / Through Pain And Emptiness / Those Who Wished Me Dead / Tear All The Flesh Off The Earth