Scarlet Rebels "Where The Colours Meet" Vinyl Bundle - Pink, Green, Blue & Black Vinyl inc. Download - PRE-ORDER

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Release Date: August 16, 2024

These limited edition colour vinyl, each limited to 300 copies, comes with a unique portion of the album cover artwork, forming the full artwork when placed together with each other. Each vinyl includes a 12 page booklet.

These covers also come with alternative artwork on the back, with a band member highlighted in the colour of the featured vinyl.

The green vinyl will now come hand-signed by the entire band. If you've already ordered a green vinyl, don't worry, this also includes the copy you've ordered.

South Wales' Top 10 rockers Scarlet Rebels return with the follow-up to their #7 UK Top 40 Album 'See Through Blue'. Boasting an eye-popping album cover by Boomtown Festival poster designer Holy Moly, it certainly lives up to its name and perfectly illustrates the band's message of unity – i.e. 'Where The Colours Meet'.

Armed with the crack production team of Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy, 'Where The Colours Meet' sees the band radically expand their sonic palette, bringing in lush instrumentation, piano, keyboards and large drum sounds to channel the best of 80s rock. It's an album full of fluid guitar lines, tasteful leads and irresistible choruses but with a contemporary full-on sound - imagine a modern-day U2 meets Bruce Springsteen!

This time, the band have collaborated with multi-award-winning blues artist Elles Bailey, who brings her velvety vocals to the co-written "Out Of Time", plus Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, The Almighty) lends his songwriting prowess to the high-octane stomper and album closer, "My House My Rules". Diehards will spot that two songs from Scarlet Rebels' live sets come to life too, as "Let Me In" and "Practice Run", which have been fixtures at their concerts, are now heard on a proper studio recording for the first time.

'Where The Colours Meet' shows frontman Wayne Doyle displaying his raw emotions like never before. In "Declining", the poignant lyrics have a counterpoint of jubilant tubular bells - seemingly incongruous at first hearing, in the context of this album it makes perfect sense. In "How Much Is Enough", "Divide and Conquer" and "Streets of Fire" Wayne's lyrics become more strident, attacking business fat cats and government policies which have caused so much suffering to families in the UK.

Having already hoisted their flag into the UK Top 10 charts, Scarlet Rebels are poised to fire Welsh rock back into the mainstream spotlight.

Track Listing:

1. Secret Drug
2. Let Me In
3. It Was Beautiful
4. Grace
5. Declining
6. Out of Time (feat. Elles Bailey)
7. How Much Is Enough
8. Practice Run
9. Streets Of Fire
10. Who Wants To Be In Love Anyway
11. Divide and Conquer
12. My House My Rules