Savage Messiah "Plague Of Conscience" Vinyl

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After what seems like 3 long years since their first release, Savage Messiah have finally returned with a new line up, drive and passion as they release their Earache debut 'Plague Of Conscience' that being released in February will be a benchmark for many to aspire towards and will no doubt be among the top Metal albums of 2012 come next December!

Touring with the likes of Overkill, Death Angel and Skeletonwitch has cemented the early promise and desire of Savage Messiah to succeed with the 10 tracks on offer showcasing shredding lead guitar work complimented with distinctive clear vocals from band mastermind & lyricist David Silver. This trademark that has earned them comparisons with the likes of Queensryche, Nevermore and Symphony X, so expect heavy, expect fast, expect the melodic and then revel in the experimental elements that make 'Plague of Conscience' the great and memorable album it is!

Having recently destroyed the UK with label mates Evile, Savage Messiah have no intention of letting the momentum drop and will be back on the road in 2012, make sure you are fully prepared by getting your copy of 'Plague Of Conscience' now!

This vinyl is limited to the following colors/numbers:

100 Plague (Pink)

200 Radioactive Green

300 Fear Red

400 Black

If you really need more convincing just check out 'Plague Of Conscience' and many other tracks online now: