Pungent Stench "First Recordings" Digipak CD

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Dissonance Productions re-issue the classic works of Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench.

"First Recordings" is a compilation of miscellaneous early work by Austrian death/grind legends Pungent Stench.

1.Pulsating Protoplasma

2.Dead Body Love


4.In The Vault

5.Rip You Without Care

6.Festered Offals

7.Pungent Stench

8.Extreme Deformity

9.Festered Offals

10.Pulsating Protoplasma

11.Pungent Stench

12.Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid

13.Extreme Deformity

14.Mucous Secretion

15.Molecular Disembowelment

Bonus Track (live 2nd July 1988 – Kattowice, Poland)


Bonus Tracks (live 9th December 1988 – Vienna, Austria)

17.Mucous Secretion

18.In The Vault

19.For God Your Soul

20.Festered Offals