Orphaned Land "The Road To Or-Shalem" 2x12" Yellow Vinyl

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"The Road To OR-Shalem" "is the soundtrack to the Middle Eastern progressive metal crusaders' incredible mission to unite warring factions in their home region through the power of music.
This is the first official live recording by the Israeli messengers of peace and unity, Orphaned Land.
Taped at The Reading 3 (Tel Aviv), in the midst of an atmosphere of death metal, doom, prog, folk and frontman Kobi Farhi as main character, the band goes over their previous four studio albums, with classics like "Sapari", "A Never Ending Way" or the memorable "Norra El Norra".
This special event features guest musicians on percussions, flutes, bouzouki and female vocals, plus a special appearance by Steven Wilson on "M I?" and "The Beloved's Cry"

1.Halo Dies
2.Birth Of The Three
3.Olat Ha'tamid
4.The Kiss Of Babylon
5.A Never Ending Way
6.Bereft In The Abyss
7.The Storm Still Rages Inside
9.From Broken Vessels
11.Ocean Land
12.M. I?
13.New Jerusalem
14.El Meod Na'ala
15.The Beloved's Cry
16.Norra El Norra
17.Ornaments Of Gold(Ending)