Oceano "Depths" Red Vinyl

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Chicago's deathcore titans Oceano released their debut album, 'Depths', back in 2009 to a tremendous amount of hype. Known for their incredibly violent moshpits, Oceano immediately showed they were a force to be reckoned with - pummeling brutality, jawdropping breakdowns and a vocalist in Adam Warren who barely sounded human. "The heaviest and most pissed off deathcore on the planet" was more than just a tagline - 'Depths' remains one of the most devastating albums the genre ever offered.

The album's only had one very small vinyl pressing until now, and even a VG+ copy fetches well over £100 on Discogs. Don't pay those prices anymore - get one of the heaviest deathcore albums ever recorded brand new for a much more reasonable price right here.