Nox "Ixaxaar" Digipak CD

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Comprising of ex and current members of Centurian and Severe Torture this incendiary debut from cult underground Death Metallers Nox looks set to further fuel the fire of Death metals resurgeance! With the kind of oily serpentine riffs not heard since Morbid Angel or Angelcorpse efforts, Nox blend supreme technical mastery with immeadiate catchiness and unholy malice. Favouring a blast based attack of extreme speed and sharply direct riffing the music is the perfect accompaniment to the occult underground that the lyrics unearth.


1. Choronzonic Chaos Gods

2. Blind Mad God

3. Darkness Undying

4. Zacar Od Zamran

5. Insane Hatred For The Supposed Creator

6. The jesus Sect

7. Intoxicated with Death

8. Satan Ex- Machina

9. Zazaz