Nightwish "Decades" Ltd 2CD Digipak

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Release Date: March 9, 2018

Nightwish has always stood for virtuoso perfection. They are able to evoke fantastic dream worlds, fade out time and space, and touch you deep inside with their symphonic majestic compositions. Since their formation in July 1996, they have risen long ago to become the most succesful Symphonic Metal band. 2015 opened a new chapter in the history of the Suomi-Symphonics with the release of ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’the first Nightwish studio album to feature Dutch singer Floor Jansen (Revamp, ex-After Forever) and their highest-charting UK album to date (#12).Floor has been a full-time member since Oct 2012 and debuted on the imposing 2013 live release `Showtime, Storytime‘.The amazing powerful vocalist improved the sound with her beautiful voice while lending the songs, once more, a special grace.On the drums there was also a new face.Due to health problems, long-time drummer JukkaNevalainen has had to take a break and is replaced by his good friend Kai Hahto (WINTERSUN) for touring duties. Finally the quintet was extended by the entrance of flautist Troy Donockley.

‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful" included eleven epic, immensely diverse compositions, which were composed as usual by NightwishMastermind Tuomas. The crowning finale is shown by the monumental 24 minutes monster ‘The Greatest Show On Earth´, which is divided into five chapters portraying the beginning of time until the distant future. It is only fitting that that song opens ‘Decades’….

After eight genre-defining studio releases, Nightwish are among the most successful metal bands of our time and the multinational act have an enviable reputation as a dazzling live force.Following their stunning sold-out headline show at Wembley Arena in December 2015 (and since released as the ‘Vehicle Of Spirit’ DVD), the band are now set to headline their first UK Festival at Bloodstock 2018.In the meantime feast on ‘Decades’, the best of the first 20 years of Nightwish

2CD DigipackTrack Listing:CD1:1. The Greatest Show On Earth/2. Élan/3. My Walden/4. Storytime/5. I Want My Tears Back/6. Amaranth/7. The Poet And The Pendulum/8. Nemo/9. Wish I Had An Angel

CD2:1. Ghost Love Score/2. Slaying The Dreamer/3. End Of All Hope/4. 10th Man Down/5. The Kinslayer/6. Dead Boy’s Poem/7. Gethsemane/8. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean/9. Sacrament Of Wilderness/10. Sleeping Sun/11. Elvenpath/12. The Carpenter/13. Nightwish (demo)