Municipal Waste "Massive Aggressive" Digipak CD

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'Harder, Faster, Louder' is the perfect description of Municipal Waste's new album, entitled "Massive Aggressive"! Building on the now classic "Hazardous Mutation" and "The Art Of Partying", Municipal Waste have crafted the bottom line in Crossover Thrash and Speed metal, banishing comparisons of old by becoming the pinnacle of their genre and releasing the essential all round metal release of 2009!

With "Massive Aggressive" Municipal Waste have upped the ante and pushed crossover thrash to it's ultimate limit! Aggressive, diverse and damn catchy, this album is unlikely to leave your CD or record player until Municipal Waste can produce something to top it!

1. "Masked by Delirium" 1:56

2. "Mech-Cannibal" 2:20

3. "Divine Blasphemer" 1:58

4. "Massive Aggressive" 1:41

5. "Wolves of Chernobyl" 2:29

6. "Relentless Threat" 2:37

7. "The Wrath of the Severed Head" 1:46

8. "Upside Down Church" 2:29

9. "Shredded Offering" 2:28

10. "Media Skeptic" 1:32

11. "Horny for Blood" 1:37

12. "Wrong Answer" 2:32

13. "Acid Sentence" 3:01