Municipal Waste "Hazardous Mutation" Digipak CD

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Reeking of punk attitude and bursting with uptempo Thrashcore enthusiasm, Municipal Waste ride the divide between old school mosh and simple hardcore purity with an updated take on a timeless sound. Coming on like 'Dealing It' meets 'Spreading The Disease' the band veer between lunatic Thrash and hardcore crosover stomp. Now featuring ex-Discordance Axis drum king Dave Witte supplying the beat.

Track Listing

1. Intro/Death Ripper

2. Unleash The Bastards

3. Thing, The

4. Blood Drive

5. Accelerated Vision

6. Guilty Of Being Tight

7. Thrashin' Of The Christ

8. Hazardous Mutation

9. Nailed Casket

10. Abusement Park

11. Black Ice

12. Mind Eraser

13.Terror Shark

14. Set To Destruct

15. Bang Over