Morbid Angel "Blessed Are The Sick" Full Dynamic Range Digipak CD

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Release Date: January 11, 2019

Massive follow up to "Altars of Madness", a total mindfuck of blasphemous technicality... The band had a lot to live up to but managed to deliver an album full of atmosphere and darkness. David Vincent never sounded so demonic again.

Track listing:

1. Intro

2. Fall From Grace

3. Brainstorm

4. Rebel Lands

5. Doomsday Celebration

6. Day Of Suffering

7. Blessed Are The Sick / Leading The Rats

8. Thy Kingdom Come

9. Unholy Blasphemies

10. Abominations

11. Desolate Ways

12. The Ancient Ones

13. In Remembrance