Memoriam "The Silent Vigil" Digipak CD

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Release Date: March 23, 2018

The speed at which MEMORIAM operate and the pace they've kept up since their formation has kept jaws perpetually on the floor. Officially brought to life in March 2016, just a few weeks later their debut two track demo ‘The Hellfire Demos’ was released. Even more astoundingly, with only these two songs under their belts the British death metal squad catapulted themselves into the spotlight of the international metal scene. The machine rolled ever forward and their first live show appearances were swiftly confirmed. In the meantime, MEMORIAM signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. Their first major milestone was the release of their debut album ‘For The Fallen’ which has more than substantiated the deeper meaning of the band. The four musicians succeeded in doing something which most of their peers have not achieved in their entire careers - they've immortalised themselves within the history books of heavy metal.

It's not surprising that MEMORIAM consists of veterans of the scene who have achieved the status of legends, at least in death metal circles. With frontman Karl Willets (ex-BOLT THROWER), Frank Healy (Bass, BENEDICTION), guitarist Scott Fairfax (live guitarist, BENEDICTION) and drummer Andrew Whale (ex-BOLT THROWER), the highest quality is guaranteed. This fact has been recognised by fans all over the world as well as by the press, who reverentially praised the debut. When British institution BOLT THROWER disbanded in early 2016, no-one dared dream that a super group or successor might be just around the corner, let alone that their consciousness might live on and inhabit a new form. The signature sound of these musicians lives on, and ‘For The Fallen’ in its relentless style rolled down each and every preconception about the band's sound.

For the musicians themselves, ‘For The Fallen’ could be called an adjustment period in which they dealt with and aired their sadness and grievances due to their losses. As the year ticked on beyond the album’s release it became ever more apparent that the band was nowhere near taking a breather, and after several successful shows including Wacken Open Air, Graspop Open Air and Roadburn Festival they once again knuckled down to writing new material. This work has now been collected into eight merciless tracks in the form of a new work titled ‘The Silent Vigil’. MEMORIAM’s second album is less affected by sadness compared to its precursor, and their aggressiveness has increased manifold.

The band has also worked intensively on the complexities of their sound, creating a monstrous tone that further enhances the imposing warfare. ‘The Silent Vigil’ still sounds like MEMORIAM, but without once copying the debut. Fans need not worry; ‘The Silent Vigil’ exudes their inimitable old school flair once again and has not abandoned their merciless groove for even one split second!

CD Track Listing:1.Soulless Parasite/2.Nothing Remains/3.From The Flames/4.The Silent Vigil/5.Bleed The Same/ 6.As Bridges Burn/7.The New Dark Ages/8.No Known Grave/9.Weaponised Fear/10.Dronestrike V3 (bonus track)