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Ringleaders in new Rock N Roll Massive Wagons have announced their new album 'Triggered', out 28th October 2022 on Earache Records.
Having grown from beloved local heroes (becoming the first ever Lancashire band to achieve a UK Top 40 album with their UK #16 album 'Full Nelson' in 2018) to national treasures within the New Wave of Rock'n'Roll, Massive Wagons have crafted an all new album of heavy duty rock'n'roll that stays true to the band's influences whilst also pushing past the boundaries of what fans have experienced on previous albums. Adding twists of tough punk and twinkles of yacht rock, whilst keeping frontman Barry “Baz” Mills' iconic lyricism and the band's electrifying no-nonsense rock recipe, the album proffers tracks which will prove to be huge anthems in the live arena.
Baz explains how 'Triggered' stands out compared to the band's previous albums: “I think this album is a lot more British sounding. I think we’ve managed to bring our sound more up-to-date, it sounds fresh and exciting. It has much more of a punk vibe about it, but, that being said, it's still full of everything we love about guitar music.”
He continues: “There are some very angry, passionate songs in there. We all dug really deep writing this one, some of them were a real labour of love. I think we truly have made our best album yet. I know that's a cliché, but our other albums felt like they had a foot in the previous one somehow, be it leftover songs, a certain sound or style... But I think this one stands alone as a unique sounding Wagons album.”
For 'Triggered', Massive Wagons returned to Backstage Studios with producers Chris Clancy (Machine Head, Megadeth, Those Damn Crows) and Colin Richardson (Funeral For A Friend, Slipknot, Sepultura), the production force that was also behind their UK Top 10 album 'House Of Noise'.
Baz proclaims of the dream team: “The production, courtesy of Chris Clancy and Colin Richardson, has jumped up several levels. They have nailed it. Working on 'House Of Noise' with them built a great relationship and understanding of how to get the best out of each other. They completely get how we work and what we were trying to achieve. I don't think we have ever sounded so good in a recorded format.”
He finishes: “I don't know if I’ve ever been so completely happy at the end of a recording session - it really feels like all of our previous albums have led right up to this one. This is THE album I dreamt we’d make at the start of writing it.”
Track Listing:
1. Fuck The Haters

2. Please Stay Calm

3. Generation Prime

4. A.S.S.H.O.L.E.

5. Skateboard

6. Gone Are The Days

7. Triggered

8. Giulia

9. Germ

10. Never Been A Problem

11. Big Time

12. Sawdust

13. No Friend Of Mine