Massive Wagons "House Of Noise" Digipak CD

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We are in unprecedented times due to the virus which has decimated touring/festival income for musicians. The band & label discussed postponing the preorders for this album but after much deliberation we decided to go ahead with it. Times are hard and scary right now. We want to do all we know how to do... that’s bring music to people... everyone needs to look after each other because we are ALL In It Together... We hope our music sends positive vibes to everyone affected by the situation, and see you on the road when normality is restored…

Track Listing:

1. In It Together

2. Banging In Your Stereo

3. House Of Noise

4. Freak City

5. Hero

6. Professional Creep

7. Pressure

8. The Curry Song

9. Glorious

10. Sad Sad Song

11. Hallescrewya

12. Matter Of Time