Massive "Full Throttle" Limited Edition Gatefold 2x12" Colour Vinyl

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Meet Massive: a deadly 8 legged Aussie rock-monster that isn?t for the faint-hearted.

Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2012 with the aim of making the loudest, fastest and ballsiest rock 'n' roll around, Massive are a volatile engine fuelled on adrenaline, alcohol and a determination to party hard. Known to travel thousands of miles across the baking desert between gigs, these riot-starting, fist-swinging road dogs mean business.

Out on July 21st, the debut album, ?Full Throttle?, is a breakneck all-killer-no-filler record, fusing aggressive and anthemic choruses with face-melting solos and melodies you'll be humming for weeks. Strap yourself in ?Massive is going to blow your head off!

Track listing:

1. One by One
2. Hollywood
3. Big Trend Setter
4. Dancefloor
5. Lacey
6. Ghost
7. Burn the Sun
8. Bring down the city
9. Now or Never
10. Best of Both Worlds
11. Full Throttle
12. Halo or the Gun (Bonus Track)
13. Same Old Story (Bonus Track)
14. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) (AC/DC cover)
15. Rats in the Cellar (Aerosmith cover)