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Release Date - April 22nd, 2016

'Destination Somewhere’ is the explosive follow up to the all-killer-no-filler debut ‘Full Throttle’. Expanding on the breakneck sound of the debut, Destination Somewhere is a scorching hot ten-track fury of Aussie Rock N Roll dynamite. Kicking off with the seriously badass riffage in the intro of ‘One For The Road’, Massive let us know that the next 41 minutes are going to pull no punches.

Title track 'Destination Somewhere’ creates an illusion of serenity with easy-on-the-ear guitar intro, before bursting into an aggressive head-banger’s anthem, whilst tracks like 'Blood Money Blues’ possess a rock n roll arrogance that few bands can pull off succesfully. Frontman Brad Marr’s vocals reach new heights on this album, most notably on ’The Fall’ and ‘Made of Stone', surpassing the debut and then some. Massive stick firmly to their Rock N Roll principles from ‘Full Throttle' whilst throwing in elements of grunge, alt-rock and psychedelia. 'Destination Somewhere’ is a white knuckle joy ride that is certain to get the adrenaline pumping!

This thunderous album is available on two different colours of vinyl record, with the yellow vinyl being limited to 300 and copies and 500 copies of the orange vinyl being pressed. Furthermore, there will be a very short run of 200 yellow vinyl with the album sleeve hand-signed by all 4 members of the band! The vinyl pressing of this album is available EXCLUSIVELY right here! You will not find this vinyl in the shops, you will not find it on Amazon, so if you want a copy, order it from here right now!

Track listing:

1. One For The Road

2. Blood Money Blues

3. Sinking Ship

4. The Fall

5. Made of Stone

6. Destination Somewhere

7. Up In Smoke

8. Circus

9. The Way It's Always Been

​10. Beaten Dog