Massacre "From Beyond" Full Dynamic Range Digipak CD

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Release Date: January 11, 2019

**A true must have Death Metal gem now finally back in stock**

Re-issue of the Death Metal classic that defined the whole Florida sound...brutal guitars, brutal vocals and brutal drumming from a selection of the scenes forefathers (including Terry Butler of Six Feet Under fame and Rick Rozz of Death. Includes the Inhuman Conditions E.P.).

Track listing:

1. Dawn of Eternity

2. Cryptic Remains

3. Biohazard

4. Chamber of Ages

5. From Beyond

6. Defeat Remains

7. Succubus

8. Symbolic Immortality

9. Corpse Grinder

10. Inhuman Conditions

11. Plains of Insanity

12. Warhead

13. Provoked Accurser