Massacre "From Beyond" FDR Pink / Black Marble Vinyl

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At long last, this death metal gem is available on vinyl once again! Massacre's "From Beyond" has been given the Full Dynamic Range treatment that has previously enhanced albums from the likes of Carnage, Entombed, Morbid Angel and Napalm Death amongst others.

For those of you still unaware, our Full Dynamic Range releases were made in response to the so-called "loudness wars", with the dynamic range of music being restricted more and more in an effort to make it sound louder. These releases, on the other hand, deliver music at its optimum sound level dynamically, leaving the listener to decide on the playback level. In essence, you head the tracks as they were made and intended to sound,with no loss of quality.

Track listing:

1. Dawn of Eternity

2. Cryptic Remains

3. Biohazard

4. Chamber of Ages

5. From Beyond

6. Defeat Remains

7. Succubus

8. Symbolic Immortality

9. Corpse Grinder