Impaled Divinity "Feculent Mutation" Vinyl

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Slamming brutal death metal! IMPALED DIVINITY came out from Unionville, Tennessee USA. Gritty, raw and cacophonous: this is such heavy riffing, vocals, drumming just perfect incarnation of old slam metal. Fukin' dope guitar riffs attack, excellent blast beats on drums and monstrous gutturals. Epic album.

This release is packed with 14 tracks of pure gore-soaked mayhem (8 songs from 'Feculent Mutation' and 6 songs from 'Delimbing The Extirpated') YES, a Killer! This is really a superb badass gritty LP!

Musically, Zack Plunkett is bringing us brutal slamming sickness. Brutalidade maxima! Artwork by Hand Rot Art.

For fans of Abominable Putridity, Malodorous, Guttural Slug, Putrid Pile, Torsofuck, Heinous Killings and No One Gets Out Alive.