Heresy / Unseen Terror / Intense Degree "The Earache Peel Sessions" Ltd Colour Vinyl

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Release date - May 4

To those of you unfamiliar with the legendary UK radio DJ John Peel, he was responsible for inviting a succession of then unknown, highly extreme hardcore/punk/metal bands to lay down tracks to air on his national UK radio show. Causing intense debate at the time as members of the public were aurally assaulted by the most extreme music they had ever heard, John Peel continued his hands on support to the fledgling scene for the next four years.

Side A contains all 3 of Heresy's Peel Sessions from 87-89, whilst side B features the incredible Unseen Terror session as well as Mansfield's finest superfast hardcore band Intense Degree's sessions from 1988.

Track listing:

Side A:

Heresy (Recorded 26/07/87, broadcast 03/08/87)

1. Flowers (In Concrete)
2. Belief
3. Network Of Friends
4. Sick Of Stupidity
5. Too Slow To Judge
6. A Sense Of Freedom

Heresy (Recorded 01/03/88, broadcast 09/03/88)

7. Consume
8. Face Up To It
9. Into The Grey
10. When Unity Becomes Solidarity
11. The Street Enters The House
12. Cornered Rat
13. Open Up

Heresy (Recorded 10/01/89, broadcast 18/01/89)

14. Everyday Madness Everyday
15. Break The Connection
16. Ghettoised
17. Network Ends
18. Release
19. Genocide

Side B

Unseen Terror (Recorded 22/03/88, Broadcast 11/04/88)

1. Incompatible
2. Burned Beyond Recognition
3. Oblivion Descends
4. Divisions
5. Voice Your Opinion
6. Strong Enough TO Change
7. Odie's Revenge
8. It's My Life

Intense Degree (Recorded 28/02/88, broadcast 15/03/88)

9. Hangin' On
10. Vagrants
11. Skate-Bored
12. Intense Degree
13. All The Guys
14. Daydreams
15. Take No Chances
16. Future Shock
17. Politician
18. Allegiance
19. Bursting