Haggard Cat "Challenger" Black Vinyl

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Release Date: April 20th, 2018

After making their names in their previous act, the acclaimed UK hardcore band HECK, vocalist/guitarist Matt Reynolds and drummer Tom Marsh aim to carry that same attitude and fire over to Haggard Cat, creating a two-man beast of a band which is set to reignite the UK rock scene.

Known for their intensive live performances, Haggard Cat's stage presence and sheer sonic power far excees what should be possible for a two-piece band. Refocusing the infamously destructive, chaotic element of HECK into gritty, snarling dirty blues rock, the result is 'Challenger', ten hard-hitting tracks which are noticeably more riff-oriented.

Effortlessly flitting between abrasive and catchy, raucous yet melodic, all capped off with Matt's sandpaper-like vocals, 'Challenger' is a monster of an album packed full of punchy riffs, dynamic grooves and all the fury and ferocity that one would expect from these two. Take a listen to the lead single 'American Graffiti', an angry, foot-stomping anthem that grabs you from the very first second with a powerful hook and an instantly memorable shout-along chorus.

Track Listing:

1. The Patriot

2. American Graffiti

3. Grave Digger

4. Bad News (Travels Fast)

5. Goldberg

6. The Legend

7. Bone Shaker

8. The Felon

9. Bearfoot

10. High Roller