Gypsy Pistoleros "Duende a Go Go Loco" Yellow Splatter Vinyl & Signed CD

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Release Date: November 3, 2023

Gypsy Pistoleros are still something truly unique and interesting in today’s predictable musical landscape. The sound is flamenco in a head on collision with punk/rock riffs, pounding bass and thrashing drums. The songs span madly in the best rock 'n' roll tradition with big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. Yet those flamenco breaks got into your head and refused to leave - this hybrid rocks.
"Duende a go go loco" the new album is going to be hailed as the band's masterpiece; an album that brings together all facets of this unique mongrel offspring of fiery flamenco passion and gritty gutter glam Punk. The Gypsy Pistoleros defy the rules, born roaming somewhere between Zaragoza and Worcester, brought into the world to a soundtrack stack-heeled anthems of sleazy ‘70s Glam.