Goodbye June "See Where The Night Goes" CD

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Release Date: February 18, 2022

Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Paul Moak, 'See Where The Night Goes' is the hotly-anticipated third studio album from Nashville rock n roll prodigies Goodbye June. 11 tracks of the very finest modern day rock music, with a twist of southern twang and washed down with a shot of blues.

Goodbye June are three cousins who formed after the death of guitarist Tyler Baker's brother in June (hence the name), vowing to honour his memory with their soulful and life affirming sound. Fusing hard rock licks with deep Southern blues and gospel swing, in part influenced by the band's strict Pentecostal Church upbringing (a way of life they scorned for a career in rock n roll), their sound competes sonically with the new wave of hard rock acts like Greta Van Fleet, while adding layers of colour that references a wide spectrum from Led Zeppelin to Kings Of Leon.

A riot-worthy album of runaway rock n roll rooted in southern blues, 'See Where The Night Goes' brings swinging grooves, incendiary twin-attack guitars, relentless rhythm and vocals that give Steven Tyler a run for his money. Goodbye June collide with the most legendary of rock influences whilst making their own unique gleaming print on the canvas of modern rock. This is an album not to be missed by music fans who trust in rock 'n' roll to liberate them from the mundane.

This package includes the album on CD, and comes with a download of the album on high quality WAV files. You will also have immediate access to a high quality download of 'Step Aside', the first single from the album.

Track Listing:

1. Step Aside

2. See Where The Night Goes

3. Breathe And Attack

4. Take A Ride

5. What I Need

6. Stand And Deliver

7. Baby, I'm Back

8. Everlasting Love

9. Nothing

10. Three Chords

11. Black