Faith No More "King For A Day.. Fool For A Lifetime" 2x12" 180g Vinyl (inc. Download Code)

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Release Date: September 9th, 2016

Following its Grammy nominated album ?Angel Dust,? Faith No More returned in 1995 with ?King for a Day?Fool for a Lifetime.? Recorded at Bearsville Studios near Woodstock, New York, it was the first without longtime guitarist Jim Martin, whose departure had an influence on the direction of the album. The band recorded some of their most progressive and experimental tracks on this album such as ?Cuckoo For Caca? and ?Ugly In The Morning? along with some of their mellowest such as ?Take This Bottle? and ?Caralho Voador?.

This release will be available as a 2CD set that includes the original release accompanied by a second disc filled with rarities related to the album. Among the bonus tracks are the b-sides ?Spanish Eyes? and ?Absolute Zero,? as well as the band?s cover of the Bee Gee?s ?I Started A Joke,? which was originally released as a b-side in 1995, and then as a single in 1998. The vinyl format has slightly less tracks, but still includes 8 of the bonus tracks on LP2.