Evile "Enter The Grave" Digipak CD

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The return of heads down, no nonsense Thrash Metal from the leaders of the current new wave of UK Thrash! Produced by Flemming Rasmussen (responsible for such 80's Thrash monuments as "Ride The Lightning" & "Master Of Puppets") at Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark "Enter The Grave" displays a fresh take on the authentic riff hunger and speed worship that made the genre so essential.

With subject matter ranging from Roman Emperors, circle pit survival, killer sharks, Rambo movies and the simple pleasure of Thrashing yourself into oblivion, 'Enter The Grave' contains all the hallmarks of a great Thrash album. The furious playing, inventive solos and hunger an urgency demand you pay attention!

With Thrash Metal experiencing a creative and cultural rebirth, Evile have positioned themselves at the head of the movement and issued the call to arms!Track List:

01 Enter the Grave

02 Thrasher

03 First Blood

04 Man Against Machine

05 Burned Alive

06 Killer from the Deep

07 We Who Are About to Die

08 Schizophrenia

09 Bathe in Blood

10 Armoured Assault