Entombed "Morning Star" CD

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Release Date: September 23, 2022

Eagerly awaited reissue of "Morningstar", the all-time classic and seventh full-length album from Entombed, the pioneers of Scandinavian Death Metal!

Morning Star is the seventh full-length album by Swedish metal band Entombed, and was released in 13 September 2001. The album is more experimental than previous efforts, and shows the band returning to a more traditional death metal sound overall, though without completely abandoning elements of death 'n' roll. The album also introduces a handful of straightforward, fast-paced death/thrash tracks, a first for the band at the time. The album received a stellar review from AllMusic, ending with the recommendation: "Any fan of quality underground metal should find this to be a superb effort from an underrated band."

1. Chief Rebel Angel

2. I for an Eye

3. Bringer of Light

4. Ensemble of the Restless

5. Out of Heaven

6. Young Man Nihilist

7. Year One Now

8. Fractures

9. When It Hits Home

10. City of Ghosts

11. About to Die

12. Mental Twin