Enslaved "E" Digipak CD

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Release Date: October 13, 2017

An album full of revelatory moments, spine-tingling dynamics and exquisite but alien atmospheres, ?E? showcases a refreshed ENSLAVED line-up via songs that take the band into unprecedented territory. From the grandiose, weather-beaten riff-scapes of 11-minute opener ?Storm Son? to the wild, psychedelic frontier squall of ?Sacred Horse? and the muscular, sax-powered shoegaze barrage of monstrous closer ?Hiindsiight?, it is both a typically bold and fearless statement from this most inventive of modern metal bands and a thrilling sideways step that harnesses the spirit of old and sets it loose in a whirlwind of imagination. Conceptually, too, ENSLAVED are making giant forward strides. While past albums frequently focused on notions of individuality and isolation, E offers a transformative fresh perspective.