Earache "Pandemic" T shirt (All proceeds to The Trussell Trust, supporting foodbanks in the UK)

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We are living in unprecedented times. With official reports showing that more than 14 million people in the UK are classed as living in poverty, around 4.2 million of those being children, the situation is becoming ever more dire, with the threat of the coronavirus amplifying the devastating effects among the poorest people in Britain. With Britons losing jobs en masse as the UK experiences lockdown, foodbanks in the UK are becoming more vital than ever, helping to feed the most vulnerable people, whilst simultaneously seeing a drop in donations and volunteers as social distancing makes an ever-increasing impact.

At Earache, we would like to do what we can to help. All proceeds from this brand new T shirt design will be donated to The Trussell Trust, a charity supporting a network of more than 1200 foodbanks throughout the UK, providing emergency food to people in crisis, and additional support to help tackle the root causes that sweep people into poverty. Help us to support the UK's most vulnerable people through this crisis, and help put an end to hunger and poverty in the UK.