Dub War "Westgate Under Fire" CD

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Release Date: August 5, 2022

The triumphant return of the original Ragga-Metal dons... DUB WAR! "Westgate Under Fire" is the band's first new album of new material in over 26 years after originally signing to Earache Records in the mid 90s. Featuring 13 tracks of politically charged hip-hop infused punk metal, Dub War is spearheaded by frontman Benji Webbe, who also fronts the hugely successful metal band SKINDRED. Benji is widely renowned as one of the best live front men in metal and has won multiple awards.

'Westgate Under Fire' builds upon the groundbreaking sound that Dub War are known and loved for. Working its way through ragga-punk (see the punk rock cover of the Max Romeo and the Upsetters' classic “War Inna Babylon”, which features the legendary Ranking Roger of The Beat in his last ever recording before his sad passing in 2019), sinister metal with exotic beats (“Coffin Lid”), and hip-hop infused metal (“Vibes In The Place”). “We had no need to wander far from our original sound,” affirms Benji. The album also packs a punch with its lyricism, as in the critical messages enfolded in the likes of “Blackkk Man”.
A band which take pride in their hometown, 'Westgate Under Fire' shines a light on a crucial event in Newport's history, the Newport Uprising. An event which would play a role in transforming democracy in Britain and the world, the uprising in 1839 saw thousands from the Chartist movement march through south Wales, seeking social reform, including the right for men of all classes to vote. The marches ended in a bloody battle at the Westgate Hotel, which saw many of the Chartists dead or wounded. 'Westgate Under Fire' aims to embody the empowerment that Chartists took upon themselves all those years ago and coincides with the local community resurrecting the derelict Westgate Hotel into an exciting new venue.
Whilst fellow Newport resident and good friend Mikee “KRUPA” Gregory took to the skins for many of the album's tracks, 'Westgate Under Fire' sees six different drummers offer their rhythm-keeping for the album. “Adding six different drummers from around the world was a very exciting prospect for us. Each drummer was a friend and a fan of Dub War who brought their own unique blend, and has made this album probably the most entertaining to date, with each track taking you on a sonic journey,” enthuses Benji.

Track Listing:

1. Blackkk Man

2. War Inna Babylon

3. Vibes In The Place

4. Art of War

5. Reveal It

6. Mary Shelley

7. Bite Back

8. Coffin Ltd

9. Crying Clowns

10. Get Back Up

11. Fun Done

12. Stay Together

13. Celtic Cross