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Release Date: August 23, 2024

Swedish genre-blending power rockers DAMPF will release their second album, No Angels Alive, on August 23rd 2024 on Silver Lining Music. Led by singer/songwriter A-Tron (aka Martin Erikson – E-Type) and keyboardist/songwriter Beak (aka Jona Tee – H.E.A.T), No Angels Alive is an all-in 10 song storytelling experience blending expansive yet tightly bound stylistic ingredients incorporating hard rock, thrash, melodic power metal and electronic edges. 


Completed by Bhéara (aka Olivia Thörn on vocals), Haderajja (aka David Wallin on drums – Hammerfall), Bahari (aka Pontus Egberg on bass – King DiamondThe Poodles), Love Gun (aka Love Magnusson on guitar – Dynazty), Sha-Zam’s (aka Sam Söderlindh on guitar) and Arkoūda (aka Björn Åkesson, growl), DAMPF engage in a theatrical journey through the timeless historical corridors of human darkness. No Angels Alive plays like a grand collective performance piece, songs such as ‘Masquerade’ bring catchy melodic sensibilities to a gathering which also includes anthemic hooks such as ‘Ghost’, the thunderous twin-guitar attack of ‘Heart Of Darkness’, maritime singalongs like ‘War With The World’, and thrashy power gallops like ‘Mists Of Avalon (Don’t Wake Me Up)’.


Scary yet colourful, heavy yet catchy, listen to No Angels Alive with a genreless mind and an open heart; the rewards of this immense and unique album will be plentiful.