Celestial Season "Mysterium III" CD

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Release Date: June 7, 2024

Celestial Season is an iconic doom metal band that has left an indelible
mark on the heavy music landscape since their formation in the early
Hailing from the Netherlands, this group has captivated audiences worldwide
with their unique blend of doom, psychedelic rock, and progressive elements,
earning them a dedicated following and critical acclaim.
Celestial Season quickly rose to prominence with their debut album, "Forever
Scarlet Passion," released in 1993. The album showcased their distinctive sound,
characterized by haunting melodies, crushing riffs, and introspective lyrics. It
received widespread praise from both fans and critics, establishing the band as
pioneers of the burgeoning doom metal scene.
With subsequent releases such as "Solar Lovers" (1995) and "Chrome" (1997),
Celestial Season continued to push the boundaries of their genre, experimenting
with diverse musical infuences while maintaining their signature dark and
atmospheric sound. These albums further solidifed their reputation as
innovators within the metal community, earning them a devoted fanbase and
international recognition.
Despite facing challenges and lineup changes over the years, Celestial Season
has persevered, evolving artistically while staying true to their roots. Their music
continues to resonate with listeners around the globe, transcending boundaries
and inspiring a new generation of musicians.
Mysterium III is the last and fnal chapter of the trilogy that started in 2022 with
Mysterium I and II